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Why Work With Me

Why am I passionate about home inspections?

Twenty-two years ago, my wife and I purchased a home.  We were both very consumed in building our careers and were looking forward to growing our family.  We had a child on the way and decided that we should purchase a larger home to meet the new needs of our family. So, we proceeded with much excitement and found one that we really liked.

The home had been constructed about nine years earlier. There was much haste and excitement as we proceeded to kick off the closing process in an effort to be settled into our new home before our baby was born.  The closing method we used did not require us to have a professional home inspection, nor did we deem it necessary. With the whirlwind of activities that were going on at that time, we were content just having a walk through and a quick look into the attic and crawl space.

Fast forward ten years, my family took off for a day trip, to visit my wife’s parents about two hours away. At about noon, my cell phone rang. It was my brother, who proceeded to tell me that my house was on fire. I immediately said, please get our two dogs out of the house. My brother responded it’s too late for that. The home was a total loss including our pets and possessions. Even though investigations into the cause of the fire never provided a definitive cause, a suspected location of start by faulty electrical was provided.

The impact of this life event is what gives me the drive and passion to want to provide you with the very best professional home inspection possible. 

Mark sholar, duplin and nc home inspector

Mark Sholar, Owner and Licensed Inspector
NC Home Inspections License Number 5239

What experience do I have?

I’ve been involved in building construction for over 34 years. I have worked for four different general contractors during this time.  All four with building programs focused on Eastern North Carolina.

About half of this tenure was operations focused and consisted of performing the actual hands-on labor required to construct the building including foundations, framing, and finish carpentry.  The other half of this tenure consisted of managing the construction process after receiving my Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Management from East Carolina University.

Working in both capacities has allowed me to obtain a broad knowledge and background in building codes.  It also allowed me to become very familiar with and witness firsthand many of the building failure mechanisms that are unique to geographic regions with hurricane seasons, high humidity, and low-lying land areas not unlike Eastern North Carolina.  This experience translates into me being able to provide my customers with knowledge-based, professional home inspections that may not be possible by those with no building experience or with limited knowledge of the geotechnical, environmental, and climate issues characteristic of Eastern North Carolina. 

My commitment to you the customer:

Choosing the right home inspector will help make sure your investment is secure.  My experience allows me to have a greater understanding of the commitment you are about to make.  Providing information in a clear, concise, and professional manner using comprehensive digital reports with high-resolution images is key.

My mission

My mission as a licensed North Carolina home inspector is to serve you by providing home inspections that contain prudent information that ultimately allow you to make better decisions, ease your stress, and give you peace of mind all while making one of the largest investments in a lifetime.